Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Products - January Newsletter Freebie

New Products 
Comic Strip Brushes and Pngs - ABR and Pngs - Beckys Creations Mixed Frame Png Templates - Beckys Creations
These products have been added to my store this week.

Recent Products 
Snowflake Brushes and Pngs - ABR, PNG - By Beckys Creations Snowflake Brushes and Pngs 02 - ABR, PNG - Beckys Creations

Christmas Brushes and Pngs Set 1 - ABR - PNG - Beckys Creations Christmas Brushes and Pngs 02 - ABR - PNG - Beckys Creations
These products were added to my store this month.

Coming Soon!
January 2017 Newsletter Freebie

Are you signed up for my newsletter? 
Sign up before January 1st 2017 and this set of 16 Frames will be yours. 

I am going to try very hard to get a freebie out each month like I used to. 
I will try to announce the freebie here before I send it.
However if you are not signed up when the freebie goes live,
 you will have to wait for the next month's freebie.
I will also be giving freebies on my blog. 

My Freebies for 2017 will be limited time freebies.
I do this to keep pirate sites from reposting them,
 and most of them will end up in my stores.

Newsletter sign up link is on the right side of this blog.

You can purchase Becky's Creations products
at My Memories and CuDigitals

1 comment:

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks a lot for the frames and all you have shared this past year. Happy 2017 to you and yours!

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