Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Valentine Products and Cu Valentine Paper Freebie

New Products and A Freebie

Birdie Heaven
Years ago I used to keep and breed Cockatiels. I loved it so much. I told my husband I 
wanted a Cockatiel for Christmas. After searching for days for a breeder in our area, I gave up and looked further away. I finally found a breeder over an hour away.  I realized there are no breeders anywhere in our area.  My husband and I decided we needed to breed again and supply our area. So we purchased 2 pairs of birds and we are working with them now. First and formost they are family before they are breeders. We are making sure they are happy and healthy and well tamed before we allow them to breed.  The two males are very tame and sweet. They love anything shiney. One of the females is pretty sweet but still unsure of us holding her, she will just take a bit of assuring. The other female is going to need much more work. She is very unsure of us and bites like crazy. She does not just bite and let go though, she grabs on and does not want to let to go.  My hand are pretty sore from trying to work with her, so I am ordering a pair of gloves and when they come in I will be able to work with her without the worry of her biting me.  I am very excited about this new adventure and it is just another way for me to make a small amount of income to help my family. Everyone loves the birds and that really makes me happy too because they are all willing to help me.
Here is a picture of them. I just threw it together so its not the best picture.

New Products
I have some new products in the store. Some were loaded to MyMemories some time ago but have not been loaded to the other stores. 

I have a freebie for you too!
I hope you enjoy it. 

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Cheekylala said...

Thanks so much for the pretty papers! :) Good luck with your new cockatiels - they are beautiful little birds. <3

Becky Wilson said...

Thanks Cheekylala.

Mom said...

I love these papers, so pretty. I love cockatiels, we had one for years but he was a bit noisy. So much fun and so smart! Good luck with the breeding.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those very pretty papers! My son had cockatiels, too and they are quite interesting.

Becky Wilson said...

Hi MOM and Desert, I am so glad you both like the papers.

So far they are pretty quiet. Charlie likes to sing and we love hearing it. Pauly is the sweetie and Jade is still the turd of the bunch. Penny is coming around nicely. Their new cage came in and we are setting it up today. All their new toys came in too.

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