Friday, August 7, 2015

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Wild Kingdom

I told you last week there is never a dull moment in our household. Well it still rings true.
This week we have  had to evict two more possums from my daughter's bedroom. We think we have figured out how they were getting in and hopefully we have put an end to the possum round ups.

In an effort to cut down on all the kitty litter we are using for kitties, we opened up our doggie door. We thought maybe they would start going in and out on their own and use the litter less.  We were right. They are coming and going all the time, and have cut down on the litter use.  However having a doggie door with cats posses a whole new issue.  Yesterday my daughter found a dead frog in the kitchen.  We knew a cat had killed it because it ate a complete leg off.   We used to have two cats that just loved to bring stuff in the doggie door. They would bring in baby rabbits, spiders, snakes and mice. Sometimes it had bad consequences for us.

One morning when getting ready for school, my daughter saw a mouse that one of our cats brought in.  She started raising a fuss.  I told her not to worry about the mouse that if she did not bother it, it would not bother her. I figured it would go back outside or the cats would catch it and eat it.  A few minutes later I am sitting at my computer desk and I moved my foot. That darn mouse bit me on my big toe!  I was right though, it did not bother her. Laugh.

We thought the frog in the kitchen yesterday was bad enough.  If you have followed my blog for any time at all you know I love frogs.  So it made me very sad to see they killed one. But cats will be cats right?   Well, shortly after the frog was exposed of, I heard my daughter screaming about something in the kitchen again.  I knew it had to do with the cats because of the few choice words I heard spewing from her pie hole.  When I went to investigate I quickly understood why she was so upset.  There in the middle of the floor surrounded by three cats was a snake!  I would have picked it up and put it outside, but I could not get a good enough look at it to see if it was poisonous. We cut off it's head that was that.  I felt bad about the snake because I love all things reptile, but could not take a chance of a cat or kids getting bit.  Maybe we should rethink this doggie door thing again.

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These Sun Shapes include 20 Png Files and are ready to be recolored the way you want them.
These files can be opened in most programs.

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