Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Fun

Possum Round Up

We live in south Texas. If you live in Texas you know you are going to have to deal with some wildlife. We have raccoons, skunks and possums, along with other various forms of wildlife. What you do not expect for any of these critters to be in your house!

  Early this morning my daughter comes into my room talking about how there is a baby possum in her bathroom.  Then she goes on to tell me how she thought one the kittens was in her bedroom and on her bed.  It came right up to her face and licked her. When she opened her eyes it was a possum. 

Last night I heard all kinds of noise in my room and I thought it was the cat playing. Then I found some strange poop on my bathtub. I thought it was very strange because it did not smell like cat poop and they have never pooped in my tub before.  I wondered if anything was in the house but just let the thought pass.  But with my daughter standing in my room tell me about this possum I quickly realized all these things were his doing. 

 My husband rounded up the possum by running him into a cat carrier and took him outside. Problem solved right?  My husband got back up a few hours later and went to work.  He had been gone no more then 20 minutes, when my daughter came in my room telling me we have a baby possum behind the entertainment center. What?  Do we have another one or has this one decided he likes our house and found a way back in?  Either way he had to go.

 I am trying to figure out how to get him from behind the center and ran the broom under it.  Suddenly my daughter screams and runs up the back of the recliner and said mom he was right by your toe. She is going to be on help here.

She goes and gets her boyfriend and a friend and they came to the house. The friend used a large, thick towel and caught the baby possum. This time he carried it off into the some wooded area away from the hosue.  Hopefully the little guy will not come back. Now we just have to figure out how he got in in the first place. 

Never a dull moment in our household.

New Products 

This week I have some summer items added to My Memories Store 

CU Summer Fun Wordart

Here is a set of uncolored Wordart and a set of colored wordart
Each set is CU friendly and comes in PNG format

 Summer Fun Journal Cards

Here are some fun journal cards for a quick summer project
Some have photo spots and some do not. All Photo Cards 
are PNG format and Non Photo Cards are JPEG

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