Friday, July 17, 2015

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That Really Bugs Me

Have you ever had a bug in your ear?  This afternoon I was taking a nap. I have a cold and the cold meds knock me out. I suddenly woke up to the craziest noise. I realized it was coming from my ear. I thought maybe I had imagined it at first then the noise came again. OMG there is a bug in my ear. I assume it was a fly because they are bad right now. I looked for some alcohol or peroxide but found none in the house. So I called hubby told him to leave now and bring alcohol. In the mean time I put water in my ear and the noise stopped.  Once he got home I put alcohol in my ear for 2 minutes and then we flushed the ear with warm water. My ear feels better now but I will have my doctor check it when I go in.  

New Products This Week at My Memories Store

 These scenic movie projector reels are perfect for a quick photo project.

 Here is 3 sets of wood kitchen elements. I also put them in the store as a discounted bundle.
This product may be used for commercial use.

 Here are some Vintage Journal Cards as well as a set of Journal cards that coordinate with my Summer Breeze design and My Botanica Garden design.

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