Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day Freebie

Happy Independence Day

I have a freebie that I made for you.
I hope you will like these journal cards.
They coordinate with my Independence Day Design
I know some are not at home this weekend so I am going to keep 
this freebie available until July 7th
Please be safe this weekend
it's raining here today so not able to do much outside. We got the kids
a pool but not much use with it raining.  But I sure do love rainy days for some reason
not the ones with the loud thunder and lightning. But those quiet rainy days when you can 
just hear the rain and the noise it makes when it hits like a piece of tin or something where it makes a 
ting noise.  I love those rainy days. Geesh I'm chatter box today
Started back on all my medications and woke up a bit tipsy. Call the pharmacist and
said as long as it was not unbearable it would be fine.  So here I am chatty Kathy talking you lol. 
Have a great weekend I will see you later this week.
God bless you all

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