Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let Freedom Ring $2 Tuesday Sale


Tuesday $2 Tuesday Sale At My Memories

Let Freedom Ring

Today I have my Let Freedom Ring kit on sale for $2
You can pick this up at my My Memories Store


Kitty Update

We we had a very sad day yesterday.  Friday my daughter took the second kitty to the vet because even though she was getting better I felt she still needed to be checked out because she still had some congestion going on.  He put her on a new antibiotic and gave up some wormer and flea and tick stuff.  He said to start the antibiotic on Friday as well as give her first does of wormer that night.  We gave her both does just as he said.  I noticed she was foaming at the mouth some later that evening and I thought maybe she was just coughing that crap up. I wiped her mouth and cleaned her and checked later and did not see it again. Saturday and Sunday she just didn't seem right. She had been eating and drinking and even showing signs of wanting to play a bit.  Now she was just laying around and she would not eat or drink.  I thought it seemed she was getting worse and planned on calling the vet Monday morning.  I was up all night with my little one and did not go to bed until around 6am.  At around noon my daughter came in my room and just by the look on her face I knew what had happened.  Our sweet baby Ginger has passed away.  Even writing this news to you is breaking my heart. How can a kitty that was getting better and then goes to the just die like that.  I read that you should not give wormer to sick kittens and wondered if the vet a mistake by telling us to worm her. 

I hope you had a wonderful Father's day. 


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