Friday, June 26, 2015

Just Checking In This Week

Thank God It's Friday 

I feel like this week has just dragged on so far. Its really sad because our kitty Ginger passed away and after talking to the vet we realized the baby kitty was probably abandoned by it mom because it was sick.  The vet said he thought it was the kitty form of distemper. The other 3 kittens are going to the vet today for a checkup, shots and de-wormed. So far they are all healthy and we hope to keep it that way.  Mama Cat is going to the Vet this weekend to be spayed. We also found a local shelter that does a stray sterilization and release program. We are making arrangements now to have the strays around.

I have a made a couple of products this week but they have not loaded to My Memories yet. They will be available next week. 

I have decided to close my store at Pixels and Art Designs and June 30 will be the last day my products will be for sale in that store.

I appreciate that you support my work and like my design.  I am always open to your suggestions and comments about my work. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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