Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 12 - 18 - Flowers Sets, Summer Breeze Mini, Weekly Sale , and Freebie

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 Crazy Cat Lady - Me?

We have kitty madness in this house.  We saved a kitty about 8 months ago and I thought I was going to get her spayed before she had babies, but they said she had to be 6 months old. I do not know if this makes since to anyone else, because my new cat was not quite 6 months old and she got pregnant.  So much for not having any kittens LOL.  So we decided to keep the 3 babies she had because we just did not want to take a chance of them being put to sleep in a shelter. So we now have 4 felines in the house.  Well then someone decided to drop a baby off in our yard!  I could not let this baby go unloved and not taken care of, so we brought it in the house and even our mama cat adopted it as her own and allowed her to suckle. Wow 5 felines, and mind you I have always been a dog person.  I thought this was more then plenty of cats for one family right?  Well some stray mama kitty had other ideas. Yesterday someone knocked on our door and said they found a baby kitten laying at the end of our driveway.  This new baby even had the placenta attached. I assumed some new mama was confused about how that baby magically appeared from her body and left it there. We put it back outside hoping she would come get the little guy. After about 30 minutes we realized this was not happening. So I am sure by now you guessed it,  we brought him in the house. Hubby went and got him some cat milk replacer and we started feeding him from a syringe. This morning our mama cat let him suckle on her.  She is such an awesome cat. So now this once and always dog lover has 6 felines in the house!! And already falling in love with them all. 

I did find out that our local shelter is a no kill shelter. They also offer low priced vet care so I can get these guys spayed and neutered.
I will try to post some pics of them on the website this week

I would love to hear your crazy pet stories.

New Flower Sets

These are on sale for 20% off this week June 12 - June 18


 Summer Breeze Mini Kit 

I like making  these small kits. The do not take me a week and I can sale them at a much lower price then other kits.  Mini kits are great and you can make several layouts with just a few papers and elements.  Your imagination is all you need. 
I have included my color palette in case you would like to make something extra for your layouts.
You can find this kit in both stores 
(You can grab the CraftArtist2 Digikit at Pixels and Art Designs)
This Mini kit includes 3 papers and 12 elements

Natural Textured Papers 2

 From June 12 - June 18
You can find this freebie at my My Memories Store
You can download this freebie HERE
Don't forget to check the website on the 16th for
The My Memories Designers Blog Train 
I hope you all have a wonderful week 
see you next week!

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